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A/S Air suspension
AAV Auxiliary air valve
ABDC After bottom dead centre
ABS Anti-lock brakes
AC Air conditioning
ac Alternating current
ACE Active cornering enhancement
ACSD Automatic cold start device
ACT Air charge temperature (sensor)
ACV Air control valve
AEI Integrated electronic ignition
AGS Adaptive automatic transmission control
AIV Air induction valve
AKR Anti-knock control
Alu Aluminium
AP Air pump
APP Accelerator pedal position
ARB Anti roll bar
ARF Exhaust gas recirculation
AS Air suction
ASR Acceleration skid control
ASV Air suction valve
AT Automatic transmission
ATDC After top dead centre
AUX Auxiliary drive shaft
AWD All wheel drive

BARO Barometric pressure
BBDC Before bottom dead centre
BDC Bottom dead centre
BS Balancer shaft
BTDC Before top dead centre
Bus Bus


CA Camshaft
Cab/Cabrio Cabriolet/convertible
Cam Camshaft
CAN Controller area network (data bus)
Carb-2V Carburettor - twin choke
Carb-Elec Carburettor - electronically controlled (FBC)
Carb-FJ Carburettor - fixed jet
Carb-VV Carburettor - variable venturi
Cat Catalytic converter
CB Contact breaker ignition
CD Constant depression
CDI Capacitor discharge ignition
CFC Chlorofluorocarbon
CFi Central fuel injection
CIH Cam in head engine
CKP Crankshaft position
CMP Camshaft position
CO Carbon monoxide
CO2 Carbon dioxide
Cpe Coupe
CPU Central processing unit
Crank Crankshaft
CS Crankshaft
CSA Cold starting aid
CTP Closed throttle position
CTS Coolant temperature sensor
CTX Continuously variable transmission
CVH Compound valve hemispherical
CVT (1) Continuously variable transmissioin
CVT (2) Current to vacuum sensor

DEE Digital engine electronics
DHP Diaphragm type feed pump - high pressure
DI Direct/distributorless ignition
DIS Digital idling stabilisation
DLC Data link connector
DLP Diaphragm type feed pump - low pressure
DME Digital motor electronics (Motronic)
DOHC Double overhead camshaft
DPFE Differential pressure feed back exhaust
dr Door
DSTC Dynamic stability and traction control
DVM Digital volt meter

EACV Electronic air control valve
Eci Electronically controlled injection
ECM Engine control module
ECT Engine coolant temperature (sensor)
ECU Electronic control unit
EDIS Electronic distributorless ignition system
Efi Electronic fuel injection
EFP Electronic accelerator pedal
EGR Exhaust gas recirculation
EGS Electronic automatic transmission control
el Cream
ELCD Evaporative loss control device
ELD Electronic load detector
ELR Electronic idle speed control
EPROM Erasable programmable read-only memory
EPS Electric power steering
EPT Exhaust pressure transducer
ESA Electronic spark advance
ESC Electronic spark control
ESP Electronic stability program
ETC Electronic traction control
ETS Electronic throttle system
ETV Electronic throttle valve
EVAP Evaporative emission
EVR Electronic vacuum regulator
EX/EXHAUST Exhaust camshaft
EZF/K/L-i/-h Computerised ignition

F Cooling fan
FA Front axle
FBC Feed-back carburettor
FL Fuse link
FP Fuel pump (diesel)
FWD Front wheel drive

GEN Alternator

HC High compression ratio
HD Heavy duty
HEGO Hot exhaust gas oxygen (sensor)
HFC Hydrofluorocarbon
HFM Hot film management
HO2S Heated oxygen sensor
HP Hydraulic pump
HS Hydropneumatic suspension
HT High tension
Hyd Hydraulic (tappets)
Hz Hertz - frequency (cycles per second)

/O Input-output unit
IAC Idle air control
IAT Intake air temperature
IC Integrated circuit
ICE Computerised ignition system
ICM Ignition Control Module
ICSV Idle control solenoid valve
IFS Independent front suspension
IFZ Infra-red remote control for central locking
IMA Iding mixture adjustment sensor
IN/INLET Inlet camshaft
IP Injection pump (diesel)
IRS independent rear suspension
ISB Idle speed boost
ISC Idle speed control
ISCS Idle speed control servo

Jet. Jetronic

KAM Keep alive memory
Kat Catalytic convertor
KS Knock sensor

Lambda Lambda value (special test equipment)
LC Low compression ratio
LED Light emitting diode
LH Left-hand
LHD Left-hand drive
LSD Limited slip differential
LWB Long wheel base

MAF Mass air flow (sensor)
MAP Manifold absolute pressure
Map-DI ECU controlled direct ignition
Map-DIS ECU controlled distributorless ignition
Map-h ECU controlled, hall effect ignition
Map-i ECU controlled, inductive ignition
Mass Mass/hot wire meter
Max Maximum
MFI Multi-port fuel injection
MFI-c Multi-port fuel injection - continuous
MFI-i Multi-port fuel injection - intermittent
MFI-s Multi-port fuel injection - sequential
MIL Malfunction indicator lamp (engine check lamp)
Min Minimum
min Minutes
MLUS Modulated lock-up solenoid
mm Millimetres
MMC Manual mixture control
Mono. Monopoint
Mot. Motronic
MPFi Multi-port fuel injection
MPi Multi-port injection
MPV Multi-purpose vehicle
ms Milliseconds - Injector pulse duration
MT Manual transmission
MWB Medium wheelbase

N Neutral position, automatic transmission
N Negative, Wheel alignment
N (bold) Renew bolts/nuts
N= 91 octane petrol
NATS Nissan anti-theft system
nf Neutral
Nm Newton metres
NO Nitric oxide
NO2 Nitrous dioxide
NOx Nitric oxide
NTC Negative temperature coefficient

OD Overdrive
OHC Overhead camshaft
OHV Overhead valve
OP Oil pump

P Park position, automatic transmission
P Positive, wheel alignment
PAG Polyalkylene glycol
PAS Power assisted steering
PATS Passive anti-theft system
PCV Positive crankcase ventilation
PGM-FI Programmed fuel injection
PIP Profile ignition pick-up (signal)
PLA Pneumatic idle speed enrichment
PMS Pressure management system
PP Piston type feed pump
PROM Programmable read-only memory
PS Power steering
PT Power take-off
PTC Positive temperature coefficient

R Radial ply tyres
R & I Remove and Install
RA Rear axle
RAM Random access memory
R-Cat Regulated catalytic converter
RH Right-hand
RHD Right-hand drive
ROM Read-only memory
RPM Revolutions per minute
RUF Adaptable to catalytic converter
RWD Rear wheel drive

S= 95 octane petrol
SACV Secondary air control valve
Saloon Saloon
SB Splitter box
SC Supercharger
SEFI Sequential electronic fuel injection
Sep Separate
SFI Sequential fuel injection
SLS Self levelling suspension
SOHC Single overhead camshaft
sp Number of forward gears
SPi Single point injection
STC Stability and traction control
STO Self test output
sw Black
SWA Single wheel axle
SWB Short wheel base
SZ Coil ignition (breaker triggered)

TB Torsion bar (Wheel alignment)
TB Transfer box
TBI-c Throttle body injection - continuous
TBI-i Throttle body injection - intermittent
TC Twin carburettors
TCCS Toyota computer control system
TCS Traction control system
TD Turbo diesel
TDC Top dead centre
TPM Tempomat cruise control
TPS Throttle position switch/sensor
Trans-h Transistorized hall effect ignition
Trans-i Transistorized inductive ignition
TSS Transmission speed shift
TSZ-h Transistorized ignition - hall effect
TSZ-i Transistor ignition - magnetic induction
TWA Twin wheel axle

U-Cat Unregulated catalytic converter
U-Kat Unregulated catalytic converter

VAF Volume air flow sensor
Van Van
Vanos Variable valve timing
VEZ Fully electronic ignition
VICS Variable intake control system
VIN Vehicle identification number
VIS Variable intake system
VP Vacuum pump
VRIS Variable resonance intake system
VSS Vehicle speed sensor
VSV Vacuum switching valve
V-Tec Variable valve timing and valve lift
VTV Vacuum transmitting valve

W Transverse bolts on main bearing caps
WOT Wide open throttle
WP Water pump

Ако имате нешто да дополните, слободно пишете. А сигурно има :)

толку... чисто онака, да разбијам монотонија :D

MIVEC - Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system
RISE - Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution

Да прашам, дали некој знае од што е кратеница АЅС (дали е Active Stability Control или нешто друго), и TSI?

TSI - Turbocharged Stratified Injection

ASC кај BMW e Аutoamtic stability control


Kimi R:
браво за темава, ќе се најде ептен пошто смучено ми е некат коа ќе прочитам ашц+врг+љмр кур се тресе ебате


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