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Бидејќи поради мојата висина (199 цм) изборот на возила кои би биле комотни за возење е лимитиран, пребарував и ми искочи текст од ADAC кој е на германски, превод подоле во постов.
На листата се само најновите модели како што можам да забележам, и изборот за двометраши е ептен лимитиран.  :-X
Не дека нема да не собере и во други возила кои не се на листава, но може да е корисно за некој што ќе купува ново ауто и е висок.

New car purchase advice
The more than 300 test criteria in the ADAC Autotest also include the precise measurement of the space available to the driver and passengers. The values determined can be valuable information when buying a vehicle - especially for particularly tall people. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the same way for particularly small people: Because they sometimes need a rather high seat, sometimes a normal high one in order to have enough all-round view. The following applies in all cases: only a test seat and a test drive can guarantee that a specific car can be steered safely.

Size isn't everything
In practice, not only is the overall height of a person important, but also the ratio of the torso to the legs. Some drivers are very tall but have a rather short torso and therefore require little headroom but plenty of leg room. And others have normal long legs, but a very tall upper body - and therefore need a lot of headroom. The following lists of ADAC measured values can therefore only be used as a guide for an initial pre-selection of vehicles and cannot replace extensive test sitting and driving.

Further tips for choosing a vehicle
▪ A sunroof usually reduces headroom ▪ The steering wheel should be adjustable in height and length
▪ The seat should be height/tilt adjustable
▪ If necessary, ask for a seat rail extension (special accessory ex works or retrofitted)
▪ The thickness of the seat cushion can be adjusted by a car upholstery shop, which can give a little more headroom
▪ If necessary, choose a special seat ex works or as a retrofit (individual adjustment or versatile adjustment options)
Attention: Subsequent conversions of seat rails and seat frames require approval by
DEKRA, GTÜ, KÜS or TÜV - unless there is already a general operating permit (ABE) or one
European general operating permit (EGBE). Before making any changes, ask one of the testing organizations what is still eligible for registration.
Please always speak to the car salesman about the possibilities of an individual seat adjustment, since manufacturers often offer special solutions and accessories that are not in the regular
price lists are maintained.

How to read the tables correctly
The tables below list important values for numerous current vehicles for the pre-selection of cars for particularly tall people. It serves as a preliminary decision and for a comparison. The measurement results refer to
   ▪ Leg area or lengthways seat adjustment: sufficient for people up to a total height of x.xx meters
  ▪ Seat height or headroom: sufficient for people up to a total height of x.xx meters
▪ Headrests: adjustable at the front (with sufficient safety) for people up to a total height of x.xx meters
The complete auto tests (over ten pages per model) can be found at www.adac.de/autotest.

Го викале Сантимо, оти бил 199цм висок.

By default skapa i ogromna kola ti treba :)

Ili ke sedish kako onoj vidokiot od Police Academy direkno na zadna klupa 🤣


--- Цитат: MarceCvarce на Август 16, 2023, 20:23:26 pm ---By default skapa i ogromna kola ti treba :)

Ili ke sedish kako onoj vidokiot od Police Academy direkno na zadna klupa

--- Крај на цитатот ---
Ете баш c3 aircross има во листата за над 2 метри луѓе.

Исто и тука има многу добро видевце за избор на кола:

А со оглед на тоа што околу 200цм се по фамилија луѓе, никаков проблем нема со ниедна кола во денешно време. Сите имаат место, едино што има малку место е позади возачкото седиште.

Да не иде Голфот на продажба?


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