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Novo ot Revo Technik: 2.0 tdi 170 CR stage 2 performance software



Revo Technik are pleased to announce the release of stage 1 software for the 2.0 TDi (CR) 170ps engine covering the Audi A3/TT, SEAT Leon, Skoda Octavia/Superb and the VW Golf/Passat.

The stage 2 software is designed to work in conjunction with a full DPF bypass exhaust system. The software maximises the gains across the whole power band due to the performance advantages offered from the free flowing exhaust system.

                                       POWER      TORQUE     
                                        (BHP)         (NM)

 STOCK OE                           170            350

 STOCK DYNO                       190             374

 STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE         208            435

 STAGE 2 PERFORMANCE         221            471



 The new Common Rail Diesel engines from the Volkswagen Audi Group are a vast improvement over the earlier PD engines in performance, smoothness, and economy.  Revo software on these engines gives more of the same.  There is a very nice increase in performance, especially in the midrange for normal driving conditions, without sacrificing any of the smoothness or economy of the new engines.


 Driving the car:

 The driving behaviour of the new VAG Common Rail engines with Revo software is even more effortless than stock when driven mildly, and more punchy when driven aggressively.  There is immense flexibility in any gear, and the engine revs out to redline enthusiastically.


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